O’Neill High School

Project Description

Client: O’Neill Public Schools
Location: O’Neill, NE
Project Size: Over 63,000 SF new construction & nearly 10,000 SF of renovation to existing space including class rooms & cafeteria.
Schedule: September 2018 – April 2020 (expected)
General Contractor: Hausmann Construction
Subcontract Sum: $2.13 Million

Project Summary: 3 newly constructed science lab classrooms with acid waste plumbing system and emergency eye-wash stations. A new commons and administrative area. A new critical learning and Band room expansion.   New Jr. High classrooms and commons area. A new auditorium and gymnasium with locker rooms. 6 new ERV’s to serve the new classrooms and 5 RTU’s to serve the other areas including the Gymnasium and new Band room. Large 34” spiral duct cools and heats the gymnasium.

Western Nebraska Community College

Project Description

Client: Western Nebraska Community College
Location: Scottsbluff, NE
Project Size:
Schedule: March 2018 – July 2019
General Contractor: Samson Construction
Subcontract Sum: $4.9 Million

Project Summary: WNCC was founded in 1926. This project is a renovation to the campus in Scottsbluff, NE. The renovation of the Main Building will feature the construction of a new Performing Arts Center, a new career services area, a new Learning Commons, a new Student Success Center, a new theater area, a new library, a large 20’ tall ceiling band room as well as a large 20’ tall ceiling chorus room that have the ability to be heard from the stage. This project was designed to have 3 mechanical rooms. One mechanical room has two indoor AHU’s stacked on top of each other and 4 units in the 2nd mechanical room where the 4 units are double stacked to maximize usable space for the new facility.

Cozad Public Schools -Boiler Room Mechanical Revisions

Project Description

Client: Cozad Public Schools
Location: Cozad, NE
Schedule:  May 2018 – August 2018
General Contractor:  Snell Services
Subcontract Sum: $255,500

Project Summary:  A difficult boiler changeout project in a short amount of time. The original drawings from 1960 were not very accurate, so we sent in our 3D laser scanner and stitched together a point cloud of the existing mechanical room to work from in a 3D model. We were able to identify what 20 different pipes served which rooms and made a plan to systematically demolish the existing equipment and laid out exactly where all the new equipment, their pads and clevis hangers for the pipe and inline mounted equipment with a robotic total station.  With the point cloud captured we were able to plan the work tasks & schedule a little more accurately with other contractors. We tapped into the system for a planned brief shutdown causing minimal disruption to the facility and the new system was up and running in no time. We had a great working relationship with the engineer for this project, sharing information about existing conditions that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and collaborated together to reach solutions that were satisfactory to the owners.

UNK Early Childhood Education Center

Project Description

Client: University of NE at Kearney
Location: Kearney, NE
Project Size: 19,900 SF
General Contractor: August 2018 – September 2019 (Expected)
Subcontract Sum: $586,000

Project Summary: This newly erected facility is the first academic building at the new 104-acre development known as University Village. This was a massive upgrade and complete relocation for the Childhood Development Center at UNK. Intricately designed to meet children’s developmental & educational needs in a safe, creative environment while at the same time, being set up for advanced training and collaboration between students, educators, future educators and other UNK departments. This building features 11 large classrooms & multiple observation rooms, serving 176 children up to age 6 including children with special needs, size appropriate bathrooms with diaper changing stations, a full kitchen and an outdoor play area. 10 roof top units heat, cool & condition this building along with 9 exhaust fans.

Gering High School Addition & Renovation

Project Description

Client: Scotts Bluff County School District 79-0016
Location: Gering, NE
Project Size: 121,000 SF
Schedule: June 2018 – Aug 2019 (expected)
General Contractor: Hausmann Construction, Inc.
Contract Sum: $7.4 Million

Project Summary: This high school addition and renovation project has been quite the challenge with mother nature. During this project, the basement mechanical room, flooded 3 times due to severely heavy rain and snow fall damaging newly installed equipment as well as tools and machinery, but that didn’t stop us from getting the job done.

Areas of renovation include; The existing 2,254 SF Gym, the existing 5,000 SF Weight room, the existing 3,367 SF Locker Room, the existing 7,464 SF Admin and Lobby area, 6,207 SF Library & Computer Classroom renovation, 27,000 SF of Classroom and Hallway renovation. Newly constructed space features a 22,880 SF Commons and Kitchen area, a 14,620 SF Auxiliary Gym with two basketball courts and an independent wrestling room complete with a 5,073 SF Locker Room. A new 1,775 SF Stage addition to the theater area and a new 10,482 SF Freshman Academy building. 5 new indoor Air Handling Units, 3 new water heaters, a new remote chiller, 2 new large boilers and lots of other upgrades to make this a state of the art educational facility once again.

Adams Middle School

Project Description

Client:   Adams Middle School
Location:   North Platte, NE
Surface Area: 1596 FT2
Year Completed: July 2017
Architect:   Joseph R. Hewgley & Associates, Inc.
Contract Amount: $181,000

A quick HVAC upgrade/retrofit while school was not in session for the summer. Demolition of the existing 2 cell cooling tower, condenser pump and chilled water pump and replaced with newer and more efficient equipment. To complete this project in such a short amount of time, we implemented our laser scanner to generate a 3-D model of the Mechanical Room and all existing equipment and conditions. From that scanned point-cloud model we were able to layout the location for the steel frame supporting the new cooling tower on the roof as well as all the new equipment, the pads supporting the new equipment and all roof penetrations with our Trimble Robotic Total Station. With the 3-D model and the tight schedule we were able to determine the best possible spatial coordination to avoid running into any existing equipment, conduit or piping that was to remain and determined a route for the new piping in a manner that allowed us to utilize a majority of the existing pipe hangers. 90% of the piping was prefabricated off-site at our Fab Shop. This method of project delivery increases efficiency, eradicates confusion, and cuts layout time and installation time to a fraction of what it would take with traditional methods.

Central Community College – Kearney

Project Description

Client: Central Community College
Location: Kearney, NE
Project Size: 65,000 SF
Schedule: April 2016 – July 2017
General: Sampson Construction
Subcontract Sum: $2,357,645.00 For Mechanical & Plumbing Services.

Project Summary: The Work consists of a 65,000 square foot single level facility. Major spaces within the facility include a skilled training wing with advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, and construction labs, a health and science wing with nursing, biology, and chemistry labs, and classrooms, computer labs, offices, and support spaces. The building is designed to be high performance and includes a geothermal heat pump system, daylighting, LED light fixtures, and controls and monitoring of all heating/cooling and lighting systems throughout. Exterior improvements include parking areas totaling approximately 215 stalls, driveways, sidewalks, detention basins, landscaping, and irrigation. The building structure consists of architectural precast panels, concrete, steel framing, and aluminum curtain walls. Exterior finishes include thin brick and form liner finish at precast panels, metal wall panels, metal roofs, EPDM roofs, phenolic panels, fiber cement board siding, masonry block veneer, aluminum curtain wall and aluminum storefront. Interior finishes include finished concrete, paint, carpet tile, porcelain tile, casework, acoustic components, and demountable partitions. Also included in the scope of work is full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection including fire suppression throughout, low-voltage, AV equipment, and medical equipment.

UNK Health Education & Science Building

Project Description

Client: University of Nebraska at Kearney
Location: Kearney, NE
Project Size: 46,000 SF
Schedule: April 2014 – July 2015
General: Hausmann Construction
Subcontract Sum:  $1.9M

Project Summary: The Health Science Education Center is a two-level building with 7 health education programs, 7 classrooms, 5 laboratories and 15 simulation areas. Serving over 300 students, this institution was erected to advance the learning environment & resources for students going into the healthcare profession. The Health Science Education Center is a two-level building with 7 health education programs, 7 classrooms, 5 laboratories and 15 simulation areas. Serving over 300 students, this institution was erected to advance the learning environment & resources for students going into the healthcare profession.

Eastern Wyoming College – Career & Technical Education Center

Project Description

Client: Eastern Wyoming College
Location: Torrington, WY
Project Size:
69,000 SF
August 2015 – August 2017
General Contractor: 
 FCI Constructors of Wyoming
Subcontract Sum:
$2.1 Million for Electrical Services

Project Summary: A newly built ADA compliant education center in Torrington, Wyoming designed to fine tune technical skills. This institution offers 3 different 500 SF welding shops, a 500 SF machine tooling room, a 500 SF cosmetology clinic floor, massage therapy classrooms, health-technology classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, a culinary classroom 1 boiler room on the main level and a larger mechanical room on the 2nd level. This project was a LOD 300 BIM coordinated effort. All electrical components were modeled, fabricated and laid out in the field using the latest tools and technology offered to the construction industry at the time of erection.

Scottsbluff High School

Project Summary

Client: Scottsbluff Public Schools
Location: Scottsbluff, NE
Project Size: 239,000 SF
Schedule: October 2015 – April 2018
General Contractor: Hausmann Construction
Contract Amount: Nearly $12 Million for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services

Project Summary: Multi-phase project including demolition of old student tower, addition and remodel of locker room facilities, updated interior finishes and fixtures, state of the art kitchen and cafeteria, new weight room, gymnasium and wrestling room.  New AG building with welding and plasma cutting stations, a wood shop, CAD/Engineering lab, a live animal work area and a greenhouse with aquaponics and floral classrooms.  New Library and new central main entrance for improved security.

Our Trimble Robotic Total Station self calibrating before staking underground plumbing stub-ups.