Project Description

Client:   Adams Middle School
Location:   North Platte, NE
Surface Area: 1596 FT2
Year Completed: July 2017
Architect:   Joseph R. Hewgley & Associates, Inc.
Contract Amount: $181,000

A quick HVAC upgrade/retrofit while school was not in session for the summer. Demolition of the existing 2 cell cooling tower, condenser pump and chilled water pump and replaced with newer and more efficient equipment. To complete this project in such a short amount of time, we implemented our laser scanner to generate a 3-D model of the Mechanical Room and all existing equipment and conditions. From that scanned point-cloud model we were able to layout the location for the steel frame supporting the new cooling tower on the roof as well as all the new equipment, the pads supporting the new equipment and all roof penetrations with our Trimble Robotic Total Station. With the 3-D model and the tight schedule we were able to determine the best possible spatial coordination to avoid running into any existing equipment, conduit or piping that was to remain and determined a route for the new piping in a manner that allowed us to utilize a majority of the existing pipe hangers. 90% of the piping was prefabricated off-site at our Fab Shop. This method of project delivery increases efficiency, eradicates confusion, and cuts layout time and installation time to a fraction of what it would take with traditional methods.