Project Description

Client: Cozad Public Schools
Location: Cozad, NE
Schedule:  May 2018 – August 2018
General Contractor:  Snell Services
Subcontract Sum: $255,500

Project Summary:  A difficult boiler changeout project in a short amount of time. The original drawings from 1960 were not very accurate, so we sent in our 3D laser scanner and stitched together a point cloud of the existing mechanical room to work from in a 3D model. We were able to identify what 20 different pipes served which rooms and made a plan to systematically demolish the existing equipment and laid out exactly where all the new equipment, their pads and clevis hangers for the pipe and inline mounted equipment with a robotic total station.  With the point cloud captured we were able to plan the work tasks & schedule a little more accurately with other contractors. We tapped into the system for a planned brief shutdown causing minimal disruption to the facility and the new system was up and running in no time. We had a great working relationship with the engineer for this project, sharing information about existing conditions that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and collaborated together to reach solutions that were satisfactory to the owners.